Website Design

We can provide cost effective website design and build services for small businesses and individuals.  Please check our portfolio page for examples of recent work.


Web Application Development

Years of programming expertise and systems analysis skills combine to solve business problems in clean, simple ways.  If you have a repetitive business process or custom database requirements then contact Novate to discuss your project.

Customer projects include;

‘Classic’ ASP maintenance & migration

If you have had a business application developed in the past in ASP code, Novate can maintain that code, or convert it to a currently supported framework and language such as PHP.

I had a web application developed. How do I know its ‘ASP’ ?

You may know that your site uses a Microsoft database like Access, or SQL Server – or was developed using Microsoft Frontpage as the development tool. Its likely that your site was developed 5 to 10 years ago. Your web pages end with .asp extensions. This is what we now call ‘Classic ASP’ or Active Server Pages.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Microsoft Access Databases

If you have a Line Of Business Application that runs on an MS Access Database on a machine on your internal network, this can be converted to an Intranet application allowing staff access from the internal network or via a VPN connection.  Also, these databases can be innaccessible to Managers using Android or iPad tablets.  Let Novate web-enable this database so that it is accessible on any device, whilst still keeping the data safe and secure.