Web Hosting

Novate: Web Hosting.

When hosting your web site with Novate, you can be sure of a professional, personal relationship and a quality hosting service. Prices start from just £70 per annum for shared hosting on Windows or Linux platform. Options are available to give you the control you need to manage your site, and you only pay for them if you require them.

Standard Web Hosting

How could we call it “Standard”? Your site will be hosted on the latest Windows or Linux servers and with full support for ASP, ASP.NET, ISAPI, SHTML and the .NET framework as well as Perl, PHP and your own compiled CGI scripts. There is no limit on the amount of disk space, but you should contact us if you expect to use more than 500MB. You will be provided with an FTP username and password with which to upload your site. Up to 10 Email accounts will be created that can either be full Pop3 mail boxes, or simply forward all the mail sent to your domain on to another account. If you need more email addresses, see our Control Panel option.

Your site will be housed in a state-of-the-art data centre, and managed 24×7 by a talented team of Internet engineers. The environment has been designed to ensure absolute security and reliability, with features such as Advanced Fire Suppression Systems, Denco Environmental Climate Control, back-up generators and APC Uninterruptible Power Supplies to protect your service. Meanwhile, CCTV, access systems and security guards are in operation to safeguard the centre.

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Enterprise Web Hosting

With Enterprise hosting you get all the same features as the Standard Hosting, except that your site is simultaneously hosted on multiple servers to ensure maximum availability and performance. You still upload your pages to one location, but it is presented to the public by more than one server. All additional options can be combined with either Standard or Enterprise hosting.

Sub Domains

A sub domain allows you to create a physically separate area of your site, yet still using your main domain name. Examples of this could be shop.yourdomain.com or support.mysite.co.uk. A sub domain is treated exactly the same as a Standard or Enterprise Hosted site. All the same options are available and are charged individually from the main domain. Please note that a sub domain is only available for sites hosted with Novate.


Understanding the usage of your site can be very important when considering the design and the impact that search engines may be having. With our statistics package you receive regular updates by email, and can then visit the statistics on-line for more comprehensive examination.

Virus Scanning

With this option, all mails sent to your domain will be scanned for viruses before being placed in your mailboxes. This is a low cost option for additional screening of your mail. It is no substitute for having your own virus scanner but can be a helpful additional defence.

Control Panel

The main use for the control panel is configuration of email accounts associated with your domain. Without the control panel, all email changes required must be sent to Novate using the email change request form, and may take up to 24 hours to complete. The control panel allows you to configure as many pop3 mailboxes or forwarders as you require. Please see the seperate section on handling email. Other features of the control panel are the ability to change your FTP password, manage SQL or MySQL databases (if installed) and review settings about your hosted domain.

URL Protection

The URL protection provides basic folder level security on your website. A simple text file is created with usernames and passwords. Your visitor must present one of the username / password pairs to gain access to the secure folder. We can also offer advanced security where the username and password information is held in a database. Please call or email for additional information.