Supporting delete cascade with SQLite and Laravel

If using SQLite, it is useful to be able to cascade a delete to related models. For instance, if a user is deleted, all their posts should also be deleted rather than being orphaned.

In the schema for the pivot table, you specify;



This works out of the box for mysql, but with sqllite it is not supported without turning it on.

I had this issue, and created a workaround, but I’m not comfortable with the solution because it required me to change the Laravel source. I’m only a newbie so could not really see an ‘app’ way of doing it.

In config/database.php

    'sqlite' => [
        'driver'   => 'sqlite',
        'database' => storage_path().'/database2.sqlite',
        'prefix'   => '',
        'exec'	   => 'PRAGMA foreign_keys = ON;',  //enable delete cascade

I added a new element ‘exec’

Then in /vendor/laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/Database/Connectors/SQLiteConnector.php, replace;

    return $this->createConnection("sqlite:{$path}", $config, $options);


    $pdo=$this->createConnection("sqlite:{$path}", $config, $options);

    //any exec statement?
    $exec = array_get($config, 'exec');
    return $pdo;

This allows the foreign_keys property to be set each time the connection is opened, and also any additional exec statements that might be needed.

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