Novate has a number of its own applications, designed and developed in house for no particular client.

Small TMS



SmallTMS is a lightweight TMS solution designed to allow the quick and simple management of transport jobs and allocation of those jobs into vehicle journeys. It is aimed at the small-fleet haulage market of below 100 vehicles.

SmallTMS supports multiple users and features one button publishing to leading Transport Execution solutions such as Microlise Fleet and Distribution.  Discover more at



Transport Office Calculator – TOCAL


This simple tool is useful in Transport and Logistics operations for providing simple conversion between common measurements. For instance, the tool makes it super-simple to convert between Miles, Litres and MPG – it even provides the CO2 output from Diesel or Petrol. Find it at


Volunteer Organiser – RotaRota



RotaRota is a brand new , easy to use service that allows charities, churches youth groups, sporting clubs and other organisations to get commitment to help from their volunteers.

Easily create a Campaign, with Events and Activities, then share a simple link and Passkey with your community and have them self-register to take part. It takes away the endless phone calls, email circulars and double-bookings and allows people to put their name down to help when it is easy and convenient for them to do so. Create an account at